Clearing Blocked Drains

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Clearing Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are the worst fear for many homeowners in the Manawatu region, because the problems they pose can escalate rapidly. At Empire Plumbing, we’re acquainted with these problems inside-and-out, and offer our drainage services to mitigate any damage before the real trouble starts. With that in mind, here are some problems blocked drains can cause, and how we clear them:

The problems of a blocked drain

The problems of a blocked drain are numerous and, if left unchecked, difficult to manage. First and foremost, blocked drains cause water to back up and overflow, triggering a flood. In turn, flooding can wreak great structural damage onto your property, burdening you with the cost of expensive repairs and even alternate accommodation until everything is fixed.

A blocked drain can also:

  • Be a Health Hazard – Stagnant water trapped in blocked drains promotes bacteria growth, attracts mould and pests, and can seriously damage your health. The smell of a blocked drain is also pungent, which worsens the situation.
  • Violate Legal and Regulatory Guidelines – Because blocked drains can pollute the surrounding environment, violating legal and regulatory guidelines through contamination or health hazards is a serious concern of properties suffering from a blocked drain. Failure to rectify your blocked drain could cause legal complications.
  • Increase Your Maintenance Costs – Sending in a professional drain unblocker to resolve a blocked drain incurs maintenance costs, which increase depending on how extensive the blockage is, or if the rest of your plumbing system has been affected.
  • Pollute the Surrounding Environment – A blocked drain can also lead to sewage backups, where untreated wastewater overflows into the surrounding environment. When this pollution is concentrated near your property, your health and that of the wildlife is put at risk.
  • Damage The Rest of Your Plumbing System – Concerningly, one blocked drain can have a knock-on effect to the rest of your plumbing system. The pressure from this drain can damage pipes, joints and fittings. Sometimes, replacements are even needed, which is even more expensive.

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How we clear your drains?

For some properties in Manawatu, blocked drains are more inconvenient than anything else. Nonetheless, risking your blocked drain escalating into any of the problems outlined above just isn’t worth it! Always invest in drain unblocking services sooner rather than later. 

That’s where we at Empire Plumbing come into play! Find out how we help unblock your drain and restore balance to your plumbing system, below.

How we at Empire Plumbing can help

To resolve a blocked drain, we use professional waterblasting equipment. Using this equipment, we pump high-pressure water down your drains to clear them out. There’s no more effective drain unblocker! This tends to be an hour long job, but varies on the severity of your blocked drain and whether your plumbing system is damaged. 

If your drain can’t be unblocked by our waterblasting equipment, we recommend opting for our drain repairs instead. We can use a CCTV camera guided through your drain to identify problem areas for repair and replacement. 


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