CCTV Camera For Drains

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CCTV Camera For Drains

At Empire Plumbing, one of our most effective drainage services involves the insertion of a CCTV camera into your drain. This service helps us inspect, diagnose and repair a number of common drainage issues – including the ever-present threat of a blocked drain. To learn more about our professional CCTV camera services, read on. 

When do we use our CCTV cameras for drains?

More often than not, we use our CCTV cameras when a blocked drain cannot be cleared by our waterblasting equipment. This allows us to inspect the drain in more detail, and determine problem areas better suited for a complete repair. The CCTV camera can shed light on other previously-undiscovered issues with your drain, too. 

There are other uses for our CCTV cameras outside of this purpose. For example:

  • Council Inspections for New Pipes in Subdivisions: Our team conducts thorough inspections of newly installed pipes within subdivisions. These inspections are essential to meet council requirements and ensure that the pipes are correctly laid, fully functional, and free from any water retention issues. This pre-final inspection is a crucial step before the council grants final approval..
  • Checking the Quality of a Pipe – We can carry out a detailed inspection on a set of pipes to check their quality, and also what state the pipes are in. If maintenance is required, we can address any issues. 
  • Pre-purchase InspectionWe offer comprehensive drain inspections for properties before you make a purchase. This service ensures that you have a clear understanding of the drain system’s condition, potential issues, and any necessary repairs. It’s a valuable step to take before finalising your property investment.”

How do we use a CCTV camera in your drain?

The process requires a careful hand, but is rather simple. At Empire Plumbing, we’re experts in the implementation of CCTV cameras for plumbing purposes, and our service goes as follows:

  • Preparation – We always ensure our CCTV cameras and all associated equipment are in working order before carrying out this service. From checking the camera lens to the lighting and cables, no stone is left unturned.
  • Insertion – This is where the process takes a careful turn. We gently insert a CCTV camera into your drains through an access point, like a manhole or cleanout. Sometimes, we use specialised equipment to guide the camera through pipes with bends and obstacles.


  • Recording – We capture highresolution video footage of the inside of your pipes and drains. This footage is then transmitted to a monitor, where we can analyse the condition of your plumbing in real-time. 

  • Analysis – We thoroughly analyse any footage captured of your drainage system to address any issues as promptly and efficiently as possible.

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At Empire Plumbing, we deliver on a number of useful drainage services across the Manawatu region. From professional drain unblocking to repair and replacement, place your trust in us as local plumbers who have a genuine passion for our work. Contact us through mobile, email or social media, today.


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